An Hui DR Machinery Tools., LTD.

Currently in our product list:

1, lithium electricity industry, mainly including: Cutting circular blade, cutting blade, winding

Diaphragm cutter blade, pole ear piercing mold for cutting blade, die cutting mould, MARK, such

As battery encapsulation cutter mold.

2. Blades for photovoltaic solar industry. It mainly includes: EV cutting, welding strip cutting,

Coating trimming and so on.

3. The paper packaging industry knives. Mainly include: Pneumatic cutting tool frame components

And finished products, tooth shape blade, cutting and cutting blade, etc.

4. Blades for Rubber and plastic industry. Mainly include: Belt, tire, plastic products and auto parts

Cutting and powder knife.

5. Blades for electronic industry. Mainly include: Copper plate, PCB, tape protective film, electronic

Components and other cutting knife.

6. Blades for food production and packaging industry. Mainly include: Food cutting, food powder,

Plastic packaging and other cutting knife.