Dongguan Koves Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Koves Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is located in dongguan city, the most famous city of mould hardwear and CNC tools center in China. The first highly committed business of the company was CNC

Cutters and precision machining fixture / jig, Since then we have advanced our way to a direct manufacturer of high precision metals, mechanical parts and assemblies serving customers in both high tech and consumer fields.

We own MAZAK, HASS, DMG and other brands machining centers from abroad, we also have lathes, NC lathes, NC milling, boring, grinding, drilling, broaching and wire electrode cutting machines, which are used to ensure we can fulfill different machining requirements for our customers.

We have strong processing capacity, we can adopt various kinds of cast steel and cast iron, heat-resistant steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloys aluminum and other customized materials.

We are poised to be the custom metal fabrication specialist for high tech, commercial products and even more. We are ready to bring your concept from drawing board to full-scale production.

Our mission is to revert the current supply chain in order to reduce production cost for our customers with a vertical integration method.


We are committed to continual reinvestment of the business with state-of-the art equipment and manufacturing technologies.

Our highly integrated quality systems are certified by independent third party agencies. The contributed effort becomes our goal of continuous improvement and long term sustainability.

We will proactively study our manufacturability ergonomically to enhance our working environment and to our employees health & safety.

We acknowledged the importance of customer satisfaction and would take a step forward to maintain the level at all time.